Amuka International Limited

Amuka International Limited is a privately owned limited liability company which was started at the beginning of 2006. It was later registered by the registrar of companies on 21st November 2006 with a registration number.

Amuka International Limited’s core operational areas are in consultancy, business, management and construction. Consultancy includes educational services, teaching and training, soliciting for teachers; Business includes; supplying and buying foodstuffs and all manner of merchant commodities, agricultural farming, buying and acquiring farms and properties, disposing of agricultural produce of any king, type or description; management involves entering agreements with all manner of individuals, companies, government with capacity to contract. In construction, we acquire, erect, construct, improve, alter, maintain, enlarge, pull down or remove or replace any buildings, factories, mills, ware houses etc

Amuka International Limited is a parent company of entities that include; Kitagwenda Tours and Travel, Kitagwenda Development Network, Jethro Cleaning Limited and Click Security. The conglomerate boasts operation in the fields of Tours and Travel, Social Development and Community Work, Cleaning Services and Security Services.

Key Operational Areas

Miracle Agency Ltd


Miracle agency limited was incorporated in 2005 as a limited liability company, offering traditional clearing and forwarding operations, transport, consultancy and research in trade facilities.Miracle Agency has been actively involved in clearing and forwarding operations in Uganda and it’s a registered and active member of Uganda Clearing and Forwarding Association, (U.C.F.A) Readmore….

Jethro Cleaning Services


Jethro Cleaning Services was incorporated in September 2006 as a limited liability company, offering cleaning services. Jethro Cleaning Services has been involved in cleaning various organizations and ministries in Uganda and it’s a registered by the registrar of companies Kampala with a registration number 154091.Over time, we have put in place a team which is very knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning or various companies and organization Read More……

Construction Services


We are one-stop experts for all your property maintenance, repair and construction needs. Our domestic, commercial and institutional customers get solutions to handle essentially all building damage needs from replacing flooring materials, re-plastering walls and fixing broken pipes and electrical faults, to restoring heavily damaged buildings. And for the best possible price!.We are one-stop experts for all your property maintenance, repair and construction needs Readmore

Our Clients & Parteners